The annual IFA Paris fashion show was the best and final assessment of the skills acquired by the school’s graduating classes. On April 15that 8:00 PM, the 2010 graduating class presented their garments at the Highstreet Loft.  With the opening of Shanghai World Expo 2010, the mind is drawn to thoughts of the long history of the city and its residents. Over the pasthundred years, humanity has dedicated its efforts to the modernization and industrialization of the city resultingin the erosion and even disappearance of what came before. Today we are once again becoming aware of the intimate connection between nature and the city andattempting to find balance with the ecosystem. Growing from these ideas, the theme of this year’s fashion show was Urban Fusions. Three different aspects were highlighted during the show: urban geology, urban flora and urban fauna.  Graduating bachelor’s students have drawn, designed and created 25 garments for their portfolios with the support ofIFA Paris’ instructors.Only the students whose designs were selected by the fashion show jury were shown to the audience, which includes fashion industry representatives, media, sponsors, consulates, family and friends and additional invitees.At the conclusion of the show, six winners were revealed.Each winner was granted a full scholarship to the IFA Paris Postgraduate in Fashion Design & Management, whereas the grand prize winner received additionally a round-trip ticket from Shanghai to Paris. IFA Paris would like to congratulate student Jade Wu for being the first winner, followed by students Florence Chen, Will Zhu, Alice Jiang, Cecilia Yang and Chris Zhao for being the second winners. During the 3-year Bachelor of Fashion Design & Technology program, the graduating students have showngreat effort, focus and dedication in building the creativity and skill presented in their garments.With the support of IFA’s administration and faculty,the students are now prepared to enter the world of fashion and build successful careers. The 2010 fashion show was an opportunity for the assembled media and guests to view the student creations and witness their first step from academia to professionalism.