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Louis Vuitton

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Impact on Fashion and Luxury in China Feb 2020

The COVID-19 virus, named by the World Health Organization (WHO) is causing a change of strategy in China's fashion and luxury industry, which has also granted several million Euros in aid

Paris, France

Paris - a Source of Inspiration Feb 2020

Everything about Paris intrigues, inspires, but above all fascinates.

Iris van Herpen

What to Remember about Fashion Week Paris Haute Couture? Feb 2020

The women's haute couture collections presented at the last Fashion Week in Paris fulfilled all their promises: originality, creativity, highlighting craftsmanship, amazing beauty looks.

Beauty in Fashion

Beauty at the Heart of Fashion Feb 2020

Fashion can't be summed up by the design of a garment alone.

TG3D Studio Fabric Scanner

Will the Fashion Collections of Future Star Designers be Digital? Feb 2020

This semester at IFA Paris we commence our foray into digital fashion with our first year Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology students.

Zeynep Soylu Campus Talk

Campus Talk with Zeynep Soylu - Editor in Chief and Founder of FKING Media Agency Jan 2020

Celebrity fashion stylist, the founder and editor in chief of FKING media agency Zeynep Soylu has given an amazing speech to the students of the MBA Luxury Brand Management and MBA Fashion Busines

Oner Evez

Campus Talk with Oner Evez - Choreographer and Fashion Show Organizer Jan 2020

IFA Paris’ Istanbul Campus Students Meet with Oner Evez - Famous Choreographer and Fashion Show Organizer.

Field Trip to MAAG Sac & Sanat

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus MBA Students Field Trip to MAAG Sac & Sanat Jan 2020

IFA Paris Istanbul Campus students have visited the well-established hair and makeup artists Mr. Metin Aydin and Mr. Ahir Genc “Maag Hair and Art" in their Istanbul studio.

Dior at Mens' PFW Winter 2020-2021

Review: Men's Fashion Week Paris Winter 2020-2021 Jan 2020

The presentation of the mens’ collections for the winter season 2020-2021 has just been completed after more than 50 fashion shows in the French capital.

la Clinique du Sac

Sustainability Tips to Give Your Fashion a Second Life Jan 2020

Over-consumption seems to have reached its limits, in the fashion industry as well: Fast Fashion is entering its decline phase.

FashionTechDays 2019

How to Train Future Fashion Entrepreneurs Upstream? Jan 2020

Often pointed out, French education is not universally accepted in the entrepreneurial world.

The Art of Being a Tailor in Paris in 2020

The Art of Being a Tailor in Paris in 2020 Jan 2020

During this time of globalization, overconsumption, the abuse of fast fashion, IFA Paris likes to emphasize the importance of transmitting the know-hows of craftsmanship.

Foundry Inauguration

Two Worlds Meet: Fashion & Tech Celebrate the Opening of Foundry Powered by IFA Paris Jan 2020

Fashion and technology industries are quite often talking in different languages, never mind be in the same room.