Thanks to IFA Paris, I was able to use interesting classical Chinese embroidery to create my own collection!”

Young fashion designer Amy Gu was one of the top revelations of last IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show in Shanghai, on 20th of June, 2019. Her collection impressed the audience.                             Dream Collision by Amy Gu       

Michel Temman: Your colorful creations are unusual and quite stunning. How do you personally define your own style?

Amy Gu: My design style, I believe, aims at creating something interesting, captivating forms and shapes, while pursuing practicality.

M.T.: You are only 23 years old. Where does your talent come from? What was the click making you wish to study fashion and join this industry?

Amy Gu: In fact, my family works in activities related to the clothing industry. So when I was young, I got to know it very closely. I got used to change clothes for toys sold online and make clothes for Barbie dolls! Then, when I joined university, I decided to be a “unique and fashionable” person. Courses of literature weren’t exactly for me and I chose the arts. I really wanted to design costumes!

Amy GuM.T.: How did you create and realize this incredible collection shown at the latest IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show in Shanghai?

Amy Gu: The topic of my graduation project theme was “Dream Collision”. My inspiration comes from the Chinese traditional drama and classical theater and from the fashion elements of Western drama. I found many interesting and inspiring elements when combining both influences. In all cases, the costumes of the ancient drama theater are very colorful. Moreover, the artistic facial makeup is always a strong signature. Patterns and embroidery are one of the major features of Chinese drama costumes, and a long history. I also appreciate the special silhouettes of Western drama and their delicate embroideries. That’s why I chose this theme, and this idea of collision as my inspiration. I wanted to re-interpret some of these ancient elements into modern and wearable clothes. After choosing this theme, for a year I learned the whole process of making a suit of clothes, including selecting manuscripts, making plates, determining fabrics, linking printing, embroidery, then making sample clothes, adjusting, finally making the final and ready-to-wear clothes. When the works were presented in front of me, I felt the joy of completing and discovering my creations!Dream Collision by Amy Gu

M.T.: How valuable were your fashion design studies at IFA Paris?

Amy Gu: I graduated from IFA Paris this summer! And if my astrological sign is Virgo - making me a quiet and casual person in the daily life -, I’m a bit absolutist in my studies and design, and I’ll do everything possible to pursue perfection! During my three years studies at IFA Paris, I have learned a lot of useful knowledge and also received much recognition and encouragement from teachers, so that I had a stronger interest in the design profession, and I could become more confident to continue to study.

Dream Collision by Amy GuM.T.: Last but not least, what are your main influences and references, your favorite fashion designers and brands in China and abroad?

Amy Gu: In terms of design, I like Gucci’s elegance and interest in printing and embroidery in the recent years. Since Gucci has changed its designer, I have liked its' bold and fashionable design style for a long time, its' delicate craftsmanship and flexible applications of various themes. In recent years, with the rapid rise of China’s trends, brands with Chinese style such as Mukzin have gradually gained fame in the fashion circle. Mukzin integrates Chinese style into the clothing, which express the old things into a new and fashionable way. It creates a new kind of Chinese trend. In terms of creativity, I also really like Thom Browne’s bold innovation and unusual ways - I remember in 2018, this brand's interesting show and collection named « Marry with Yourself. »

For more infos on this program that Amy graduated from, which is available on our Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul campuses: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology