Passionate about fashion since her childhood, Indian-born and IFA Paris MBA Luxury Brand Management graduate Tasneem Mukadam launched the beautiful brand TASNAAZ with her sister Insiya (Shenaaz).

Michel Temman: Tasneem, could you tell us about your life, your background, your studies and your career?

Tasneem Mukadam: I am from Mumbai, India. I completed my school and college degree in commerce from Mumbai University – after that I did a 1 year diploma in Travel and Tourism. I then started my career with travel companies and later switched to media and advertising. I have an extensive career, multiple experiences after working 17 years in the travel and media sectors and in the corporate arena, primarily in sales and marketing. I have worked for British Airways, Emirates Airlines, ELLE magazine in India, Times of India TV and lastly with Walt Disney prior to my MBA Luxury Brand Management at IFA Paris!TASNAAZ

M.T.: Precisely, how did you decide to join fashion design? 

Tasneem Mukadam: I have always been inclined to global trends and followed fashion very closely. My stay in Dubai and traveling the world with Emirates Airlines gave me an opportunity to explore varied fashion trends and experiences. My stint with ELLE magazine was another stepping stone toward design and the global fashion culture. With 17 years of corporate work experience which almost reached a saturation point, I took the leap of faith and quit a rather lucrative job to pursue my childhood passion: fashion!

M.T.: Why, when and how did you create your brand TASNAAZ? The brand tells the story of yourself and your sister Insiya, right?

TASNAAZTasneem Mukadam: The inception and conceptualization of TASNAAZ, just one year ago, came after my final dissertation at IFA Paris. The topic I covered was “Parisian couture seduced by the legacy of Indian design: where French regality meets Indian heritage - an overview”. The thesis spoke about the French being highly influenced by and using Indian fabrics and embroidery since centuries. It is an in-depth study of how French and Indian designers can work together and explore monetizing avenues. The research made me realize the plethora of inventions and creations produced by India over decades, and that I could do a lot in the subject. Thus in the living room of our home, the idea of TASNAAZ materialized, and my sister Insiya (Shenaaz) and me launched the label - which also spells our names.

M.T.: TASNAAZ is a brand of jackets, dresses, tops and accessories. How do you define its’ concept and aesthetics, and to which women is the brand addressed? 

Tasneem Mukadam: The label which is women’s contemporary wear is for the urban woman, working or a stay at home parent, loving stylish and modern wear, however not having too much time to doll up. She is an independent woman always on the move. Our clothes are easy to wear and carry, sourced from different states of India. Our constant endeavor is to carefully curate and juxtapose textiles of different genres, from different states of India to create an eclectic mix of designs and styles. Each piece is a handcrafted combination of modern and smart sensibilities, sensitively fused with elegant silhouettes in natural cottons and silks to create a unique TASNAAZessence. Our attention to detail and quality work is the main focus. We work on two seasons in a year, the SS and AW that in India is the festive season of Diwali and other festivals. The year-end also sees plenty of weddings taking place for which we have a special capsule collection.

M.T.: You graduated IFA Paris’ MBA Luxury Brand Management in 2015. What about your studies there? What did you learn and how the experience was valuable? 

Tasneem Mukadam: IFA Paris gave light to our project in a big way! Studying there has helped exercise theoretical studying to practical use. The visual merchandising, business management, visits to various stores, finance, haute couture and strategic management especially helps in day-to-day business preps. Being an entrepreneur requires grit and determination and the ability to take calls every moment, Tasneem Mukadamwhich gets manageable with the experience gathered with the project work and team building exercises at the college. My internship at Dior while in school at IFA Paris is an added bonanza to the business.

M.T.: What are the next actualities of TASNAAZ? Could you share with us your next wishes and project(s)?  

Tasneem Mukadam: We have recently launched our website which enables us to garner worldwide reach. Our goal is to provide women with classy and trendy clothing at affordable prices. Our vision is to work with local small artisans and become an intermediary between the end sources and the talented artisans. We have also recently launched a festive collection AALISAN, a great combination of brocade outfits and embroidered jackets. The brand focus is ‘for the girl on the go’ and this line defines that beautifully. We are simultaneously working on the SS line in pastels and beautiful crochet available on the website very soon.

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