Ena Berbic, a dynamic Bosnia born true fashion and media lover, was featured by the French magazine Phosphore in June 2015, and now a student of Fashion Marketing at IFA Paris – after graduating from several schools in her country and in Scotland with honors. She is also the new Fashion Editor of Zenski.ba (meaning women’s stuff), which is a trendy Bosnian fashion online magazine.

Michel Temman: Can you introduce the Bosnian fashion online magazine Zenski.ba and your role as a fashion editor? 

Ena Berbic, IFA Paris Student

Ena Berbic: Zenski.ba started as a trendsetter and lifestyle online leader in December 2015 and has since been growing in views and popularity – and became actually super popular in all Bosnia ! Zenski.ba currently organizes the « Woman of The Year Award Bosnia and Herzegovina » together with Kameleon Radio (one of the most listened radios in Bosnia in its since 23 years of existence, ndlr), and this is a key project giving the website even more popularity. We had recently a « blogger conference » during the Sarajevo Fashiom Week and a lot of people came to me and to us with congratulations. We also received new opportunities for partnering with newspapers and fashion magazines interested to promote us ! Zenski.ba is also part of the Kameleon Radio’s project of expansion of website platforms, such as the online project GdjeIzaci.ba (for events and places to go out, ndlr). These medias are also organizers of events such as three Guinness World Records or the Sarajevo Grand Prix. For Zenski.ba, I’m writing a column, every Tuesday, bringing history and perspectives to the fashion names and brands we introduce weekly. I also coordinate our fashion writers and work with them on our regular contents. 

« I truly believe in fashion industry, in the vast knowledge and will of Bosnian women to engage in re-establishing companies and making them successful » Ena Berbic

M.T.: What about your studies at IFA Paris? How are they valuable to you?

Ena Berbic: I arrived at IFA Paris in 2015 for studying fashion marketing, a blend of my two main passions. Actually, I have been always inspired by my 

father’s career in marketing and advertisement in Bosnia and I had the chance to learn a lot from him. He’s truly my idol and I look up to him. My stepmother has been, also, the one who evoked my creative side, as she became among the top American woman artists (Edina Seleskovic) today in United States. Thus, I have always had both of the two worlds. This has pushed me to apply for the IFA Paris Scholarship and to win it. I find great inspiration in the mix of classes, with both creative and business sides. And I believe that it is so important that IFA Paris is giving us the experience of learning from professors who have been engaged themselves into the industry. It’s so important to learn from people who know how to teach you the theoretical side through real-life examples. Fashion Marketing classes will contribute heavily to my personal development in the industry as well as help me learn how to manage people (in all industries) – which is also so important for my role as a fashion editor for Zenski.ba!

M.T.: How fashion and creation can support Sarajevo and Bosnia's future?

Ena Berbic: In Bosnia, right now, we’re facing internal problems, instability. The young generations face a difficulty to access to positions in our society and it destroys the mind-set of people and giving them nothing but dust – saying that it’s enough to live of ! Young people are not given opportunities and good connections rather than real experience and knowledge to get jobs in the public sector. I truly hope this will be set to a right path in the next few years. However, I believe that there is strength in the private sector. 

Ena Berbic, IFA ParisI truly hope this will be set to a right path in the next few years. However, I believe that there is strength in the private sector. I truly believe in fashion industry, in the vast knowledge and will of Bosnian women to engage in re-establishing companies and making them successful. It is so important for me to think about both young people and the women in Bosnia as great resources, great minds and huge opportunity for business development. I see a great potential in opening my own company after finishing my studies and gaining experience. Bosnia is a country that had suffered a devastating war in the 90’s and which is now on the road to recovery. Until now, little has been done to see fashion as a great source of employment, creative spirit and GDP growth in Bosnia. I hope that I will be able to change this in the next decade. 

M.T.: What are the main trends today in your country in terms of fashion and luxury?

Ena Berbic: In Bosnia, a lot of fashion comes down to mass-market stores such as Zara, Mango or New Yorker. We have a deal of domestic designers who are pushing their way in the market, but the political and social structure of the country with the economical situation in Europe isn’t helping much. I believe that there is an opportunity in mass-market stores with great designs for affordable prices, however I’m personally more keen on developing the luxury segment in my country. This, on the other hand, can only be done in a country where unemployment of young people isn’t as high as 58%! Thus I believe that other necessary steps must be put in place before high quality products with prices which reflect the brands can have a demand on the market.

For more infos on the program Ena is pursing, please visit: Bachelor in Fashion Marketing.