After her studies at IFA Paris, Valentine Metzger, 23 years old from Alsace, finished her internship at Chanel and the famous French fashion house employed her full time.

Michel Temman: How did you join Chanel, such a legendary and prestigious name?

Valentine Metzger: At the end of my Bachelor Fashion Design at IFA Paris, I applied for an internship, and managed to get one, which lasts two months at a Haute Couture Workshop of Chanel, from September to October in 2014. Moreover, I must thank one of my former professors at IFA Paris, Jung Grandcolas, who transferred my internship application to one of his friends who works at Chanel.

Valentine Metzger working on a fashion designM.T.: What were your main functions until now at Chanel and what do you do today? 
Valentine Metzger: During my internship, firstly, I observed the different ways of working in the Haute Couture Workshop. Then, I sew enormously with my own hands. I also had a chance to restore an embroidered silk tulle dress for a client. It was at that moment that I was able to demonstrate my abilities in embroidering the beads, the sequins or the paillettes.

M.T.: Since you joined Chanel, essentially, what have you learned in professional and creative terms, related to fashion and luxury, or more personally?

Valentine Metzger

Valentine Metzger: At the end of my internship, Chanel asked me to participate in the preparation of the PE2015 collection and then the AH2015 collection. It was at the end of this period that my superiors offered me my current fixed-term contract of eighteen months. Today, I continue sewing, and I also do a lot of embroideries in the workshop. We prepare two Haute Couture collections per year, as for the rest of the time, we finish our clients’ orders.

Since I joined Chanel, I have learned many new sewing techniques, new working methods, hand-sewing stitches. I also have the opportunity to work with valuable and delicate materials. It is very important, essential for Chanel to respect his codes (the camellia, the pearls, the chain or the black and white) and to maintain a very high requirement for quality. Chanel is a house which pays attention to the efficiency of the business, the family spirit and the employees’ well-being. Personally, this working environment always encourages me to do the best of myself. 

M.T.: What about your studying experiences at IFA Paris? They seem to have been quite encouraging for you!

Valentine Metzger: I am very glad to have studied at IFA Paris. What is the most important for me, without any doubt, is that I didn’t only make progress in sewing, molding and in creating my style, but also improved my English. The professors at IFA Paris have always been listening. They always encouraged me and guided my different projects. It was very important to feel being supported by others. I have improved a lot during my three years at IFA Paris, both in my personal and in my professional projects. 

For more infos on the program Valentine graduated from, please visit: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology.