Interviews 2016

Exciting Fashion Interviews

Maria Villalonga

Alumni Interview: Maria Villalonga - MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Nov 2016

Maria Villalonga saw her dream come true: to evolve in the fashion business. She even joined the first and biggest fast fashion group in the world: Inditex, created in 1985.

Vino Supraja from India

Alumni Interview: Vino Supraja - Bachelor Fashion Design Graduate Oct 2016

With her new brand VinoSupraja, the rising star and Indian fashion designer Vino Supraja, who graduated from IFA Paris has encountered great success.

Kai-Li Ma, MBA Fashion Business Graduate

Alumni Interview: Kai-Li Ma - IFA Paris MBA Fashion Business Graduate Sep 2016

TV host on German television, model, fashion editor and consultant, the super active German-Chinese Kai-Li Ma, fan of urban streetwear and high fashion brands, never shies away from any ch

Fiona Shang at her desk at Digital Luxury Group in Shanghai

Alumni Interview: Fiona Shang - MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate Aug 2016

“My story isn’t one of those inspirational stories about how I always loved fashion and wanted to pursue my dream.

Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design Graduate Anastasia Grigoryeva

Alumni Interview: Anastasia Grigoryeva - Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design Graduate Jul 2016

In this special interview, the rising star and Russian designer Anastasia Grigoryeva, Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design graduate, reveals how she became a busy fashion designer an

RIa Keburia

Alumni Interview: Ria Keburia, Bachelor Fashion Design and Technology Graduate Jun 2016

Ria Keburia is a creative nomad, a traveler transcending borders with her fashion, her creations and with the artists with whom she collaborates.