Interviews 2015

Exciting Fashion Interviews

Zoé Vayssières

Zoé Vayssières Interview: “Perfume is a real mystery” Dec 2015

Author and artist Zoe Vayssières has published All About Scents (adapted from the French original version L’Odorat Dans Tous Ses Etats) with Anne de Marnhac, a splendid art book that explo

Tessa Stoddart, IFA Paris MBA Student

Interview with IFA Paris MBA Student Tessa Stoddart Nov 2015

A miracle? More the result of a continuous effort.

Vik Milan, MBA student at IFA Paris

Interview with MBA Luxury Brand Management Student Vik Milan Oct 2015

If Vik Milan, 26 years old, a graduate of the Boston University school of management, got the chance to self-publish his first novel, Equestrian Under the Influence, that’s because his lif

Yanie Durocher

Yanie Durocher, The Marginalist : « There is still a need for independent voices in fashion » Jun 2015

She was born in Montreal, entered university with a scholarship at 17 to complete her Bachelor's business degree and started working in cosmetics and luxury design in New York C

Darat Lertkachonsuk

Darat Lertkachonsuk, Dior Thailand : « An opportunity is something you should not wait for » Apr 2015

A true fashion lover, yoga follower and globe-trotter - she lived in Munich, Beijing, Paris and Shanghai, Darat Lertkachonsuk, who graduated in 2014 with a Master of Luxury Brand Managemen

Olivia Chai and Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff

IFA Paris Founders: "We had a relentless desire to succeed" Mar 2015

From Paris to Shanghai, the students of IFA Paris often see Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff, their president, walking around the school corridors. But do they really know him?