Exciting Fashion Interviews

Chanel Miyama

Interview with Chanel Miyama, Lecturer in the Bachelor Fashion Marketing Program and IFA Paris Alumna Sep 2019

Having recently graduated from IFA Paris, Chanel Miyama is one of the new recruits in the pedagogical team.

Dr. Derrick Gay

Interview with Dr. Derrick Gay, International Consultant and IFA Paris Lecturer on Diversity and Intercultural Competency Sep 2019

Dr. Derrick Gay, international expert on intercultural competency with over 20 years of experience, recently taught a seminar at IFA Paris that focused on diversity and intercultural competency. During his course, students explored issues related to global citizenship and intercultural skills.

Amy Gu

Alumni Interview: Amy Gu - IFA Paris Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology Graduate Aug 2019

“Thanks to IFA Paris, I was able to use interesting classical Chinese embroidery to create my own collection!”

Luca Carpinelli (far left)

Interview with Luca Carpinelli, Commercial Director of Florentia Village, RDM Asia and IFA Paris Partner Aug 2019

Located in Pudong, devoted to fashion and luxury, Florentia Village is the first Italian complex to be opened in Shanghai in order to offer Chinese consumers the opportunity to discover th

Delphine Durieux

Interview with Delphine Durieux, Coordinator and Lecturer of Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology Jul 2019

For the third consecutive year, IFA Paris was invited to participate in the international ISPO workshop in Munich, entirely dedicated to the world of sport.

Interview with Marie-Véronique Contat, Lecturer at IFA Paris talking about the Fusalp Repositioning Project Jul 2019

Marie Véronique Contat, freelancer at IFA Paris for several years, will manage in the coming weeks, the Fusalp repositioning project for students in the 2nd year of the Bachelor in Fas