Exciting Fashion Interviews

Maria Villalonga

Alumni Interview: Maria Villalonga - MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate

Nov 2016

Maria Villalonga saw her dream come true: to evolve in the fashion business.

Vino Supraja from India

Alumni Interview: Vino Supraja - Bachelor Fashion Design Graduate

Oct 2016

With her new brand VinoSupraja, the rising star and Indian fashion designer Vino Supraja, who graduated from IFA Paris has encountered great success.

Kai-Li Ma, MBA Fashion Business Graduate

Alumni Interview: Kai-Li Ma - IFA Paris MBA Fashion Business Graduate

Sep 2016

TV host on German television, model, fashion editor and consultant, the super active German-Chinese Kai-Li Ma, fan of urban streetwear and high fashion brands, never shies away from any ch

Fiona Shang at her desk at Digital Luxury Group in Shanghai

Alumni Interview: Fiona Shang - MBA Luxury Brand Management Graduate

Aug 2016

“My story isn’t one of those inspirational stories about how I always loved fashion and wanted to pursue my dream.

Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design Graduate Anastasia Grigoryeva

Alumni Interview: Anastasia Grigoryeva - Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design Graduate

Jul 2016

In this special interview, the rising star and Russian designer Anastasia Grigoryeva, Master of Arts Contemporary

RIa Keburia - IFA Paris Alumna in Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology

Alumni Interview: Ria Keburia, Bachelor Fashion Design and Technology Graduate

Jun 2016

Ria Keburia is a creative nomad, a traveler transcending borders with her fashion, her creations and with the artists with whom she collaborates.