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IFA Paris Students Collaborate with Fusalp to Imagine the Clothing of Tomorrow

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IFA Paris Students Collaborate with Fusalp to Imagine the Clothing of Tomorrow

By January, 2019April 16th, 2022No Comments

Focusing on new technologies integrated into fashion, IFA Paris is partnering with the Fusalp brand. Our common DNA? Challenging codes and promoting innovation. Based on these facts, 2nd year students of the Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology and Bachelor in Fashion Marketing programs will be posted as project managers and will have to imagine the clothing of tomorrow, marketed in the form of a mixed capsule collection “Fusalp Future”, with innovative technologies and designs.

An emblematic brand for all mountain lovers for more than 60 years, Fusalp plans, after having reached the summits, to take on a new world, that of technology and make IFA Paris its adventure partner. By relying on the 3 fundamental pillars that have made its reputation (technicality, functionality and elegance), the brand wishes to strengthen its positioning among the “digital native” generation. A luxury agitator, a lever for rejuvenation, LA Tech, which was so criticized at the beginning, continues to be emulated… The objective of the new Fusalp project? To preserve its identity while modernizing it, in order to seduce these millennials, shaped by the digital revolution.

Working with specialists to better address this avant-garde initiative was therefore obvious; strategic marketing, operations and styling will be entrusted to students at IFA Paris, while the technical part will be developed by Neue Lab, an expert in connected fashion. From this tripartite relationship: prototypical, playful and visionary models that will be integrated into the next collection will emerge.

Based on strategic marketing studies carried out beforehand, the students of the Bachelor in Fashion Marketing will manage their duties to promote the brand’s position among Generation Y. These studies will have to restore the Fusalp identity and showcase this technological know-how to the new audience to be seduced.

Splitting this target will not only guide the design of bold models, but also the development of the communication plan for change. The students in the Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology, led by the analysis of the students in the Bachelor in Fashion Marketing, will also have to base their creative journey on both traditional and futuristic principles. The proposed innovation processes must be based on the trends and the new spirit that Fusalp wishes to convey.

A reservoir of tomorrow’s consumption, this technologically insatiable millennium generation forces brands to bring together the best of human design with cutting-edge technology. IFA Paris expects its students to have the same high standards in order to reveal to the general public these 10 futuristic, sporty and urban capsule looks.