The international school of fashion and luxury management IFA Paris invited 300 guests, amongst them many designers and professionals of the fashion industry, to a highly entertaining fashion show in Shanghai on June 20th.

They were all unanimous! The cheering of the 300 guests invited to discover, in the premises of its Shanghai campus, the creations of several young designers from IFA Paris, were all in harmony and fuelled by the Fashion Show Shanghai 2019latest fashion show of the French fashion school based in Shanghai, Paris and Istanbul. The refined and rhythmic scenography - a touch of designer Emmanuel Rochet, professor at IFA Paris and as well eye of the show behind the scenes - and the creativity showcased by the catwalk with its' white on the floor and U-shaped layout were sensational.


The partners invited into the VIP lounge, led by the flagship of Florentia Village, said they were "impressed" or even "amazed" by the collections, reflecting an eclectic collision of styles. "This type of academic fashion show is a real challenge. And I have to say that today I have seen some great things," says designer and fashion professor Olivier Blanc. 

Fashion Show Shanghai 2019Full with admiration, parents of students were also there, their eyes often fogged with emotion. "Every year, our shows are different and this one was very beautiful. Our school can be proud because it reflects the extreme creativity of our students from different countries and backgrounds," reacted Olivia Chai, co-founder and chairwoman of IFA Paris, for whom « once again, IFA Paris is asserting its' unique character in the international fashion school landscape. »


With popular or more specific music - pop-rock and China Girl by David Bowie, disco from the 80s or electro house - the elegant, slim Chinese models and a classy boy, all putting on the best shoes from UGG, another precious partner, unveiled the most exciting show: a stylish patchwork with over 140 designs that were crafted for this event by 35 young designers who were coached by 4 IFA Paris professors for a year !

Streetwear, classy sportwear, silky pleated and colourful tops, ethereal dresses and colourful or futuristic outfits and SF limits, textured and fringed clothes, delicate seams, perfectly designed coats or even cotton and painted fabrics, like those of the young Jael, who at the end of her three years of studies in Fashion Design, has created an experimental collection seen as a return to earth and to nature. "I am inspired by traditional techniques from ancient China and Japan," she explains. I dye my fabrics with plants that produce various shades of brown. I don't use chemical fibers to limit environmental damage! I wanted to focus on keywords such as earthy or imperfect. I am grateful to the professors who have been helping me so far as well as IFA Paris. »Fashion Show Shanghai 2019


Amy, another designer with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, who draws her inspiration and sophisticated embroidery from ancient myths and theatres and traditional costumes from Chinese and Western times, says she too has seen her work "recognized and encouraged by professors from IFA Paris. They taught me everything and with this fashion show, I gained confidence and am ready to move forward! "

Fashion Show Shanghai 2019"This fashion show was a lot of stress, but in the end we learned how it works, from A to Z, the working environment, the steps and all the preparations. It was possible for me to develop my personal universe and use various techniques to create this first real collection. And what we learn and see, we no longer forget," explains the talented Civon, who is also very well known.

The fashion show ended in style with the awarding of palms and academic prizes. About twenty students were rewarded for their talent and creativity. Desmond Ang, 32 years old, from Sabah, Malaysia, former auditor in an accounting firm who decided to join IFA Paris in Shanghai to follow a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design, was the winner, all that with flying colours under crackling flashes. He was awarded a scholarship to our Fashion Show Shanghai 2019Master of Contemporary Fashion Design (an award valued at 16,000 euros coupled with an air ticket) in Paris, a real grail offered by the Florentia Village group, a luxurious complex located in Pudong in Shanghai, hosting nearly 200 European, American and Asian fashion and luxury stores and brands, and IFA Paris' partner since 2018. "I am very happy. The professors were strict, they pushed us as far as they could and I worked very hard to make my collection. Now I will do my best to achieve the best possible goal," says Desmond Ang, humbly. He added: "I now hope to make my dream come true: to become a designer! ".

IFA Paris also awarded, as it does every year, 6 scholarships to students selected following their academic progress throughout their 3 years of study to come and study for the Master of Contemporary Fashion Design in Paris. Two of them were also offered flight tickets to Paris.

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