The Hope Walk project ended with a fashion show at the OPEN MODE Festival. This large gathering each year brings together a community of young multidisciplinary designers (workshops, dance, performances, styling, etc...), where alternative fashion and commitment meet. Our students of the Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design program, as well as a group of refugee migrants selected via the Emmaus centers, had the privilege of presenting their original creations during an ethical fashion show, underpinned by the major principles of sustainable development. A beautiful discovery for the general public, whose attention was drawn for a more responsible, more human and unconventional fashion.Hope Walk Project at OPEN MODE Festival

The Hope Walk Project was created thanks to the Good Chance Theatre association, whose main purpose is to facilitate the integration of refugees through artistic activities. IFA Paris was therefore invited to participate in this event, where the development of urban universes was restored. Against a backdrop of multicultural wealth and freedom, fashion is also distinguished by its ability to transform itself, when necessary, into a powerful mechanism that allows all fights to take place. Refugees and design students worked on the preparation of this fashion show for 12 weeks; using clothing as a medium, like custom-made storytelling, thus reflecting the personal story of the refugees through a collection made with applied techniques of upcycling.

At the end of the fashion show, a jury awarded a scholarship to Asad and Basir, who will have the privilege of following IFA Paris' Short Course Fashion Studio during the months of March and April. The end of a beautiful journey or the beginning of a new one.