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IFA Paris Fashion Show Spectacle takes place in Historic Istanbul

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IFA Paris Fashion Show Spectacle takes place in Historic Istanbul

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On May 28th 2019, the fashion school IFA Paris, with campuses in Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul invited prestigious guests to an exceptional fashion show under the ancient Roman vaults of the Serefiye Sarnici cistern.

IFA Paris Fashion Show

IFA Paris Fashion Show

The whole of Istanbul came together on May 28th to attend the Bridges Köprüler 2019 Fashion Show: the most recent IFA Paris fashion show. This was aimed at showcasing the creations of a dozen young designers and creators from the French fashion school. The event was held on Piyer Loti Street, in the Fatih district, in the sublime setting of the Serefiye Sarnici cistern – called Theodose II built in the 5th century under the Byzantine emperor’s rule. The Theodose II is one of Turkish capital’s cultural treasures. The fashion show was produced by Adile Cretallaz, director of IFA Paris Istanbul, which opened its doors in 2013. The guest and media present were amazed to such an extent that it immediately set social media on fire.

The choreographer of the show was none other than Asil Çağıl, he was responsible for the scenography of the Istanbul Fashion Week – while on the superb catwalk bordered by 32 marble columns 9 metres high reinforced with metal rings, top models such as Zeliha Çal, Tuğçe Sarıkaya, Seviye İkbal Tulgar, Türkan Geyik or Kaan Akıncı walked in an almost mystical atmosphere and with electro music and sharp tempos. There was more to beauty than just a word on Tuesday evening in Istanbul.

IFA Paris Fashion Show

IFA Paris Fashion Show


The ballet of female silhouettes glided like magic, giving us the opportunity to admire a high and delicate couture of perfect geometries. The outfits of Aibao Lu, Chandani Pradhanang, Tanyalak Promlumpak and Chiew Ting Lau -, silky drapes, such as those of Zoe Gray, Cynthia Arias, Tanyalak Promlumpak, Amira Azizi, Ruktam Srinakarin, Mei Po Ng and Tuyana Darzha.

You can also find original embroideries and colorful designs, creations by designers Chloé Kerr, Theo Decaux, Mary Bashay and Chen-Ting Liu.

“In addition, it was an extremely beautiful show in the magical setting of these Roman cisterns that revealed the full potential and talent of our young designers,” said Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff, co-founder and chairman of the fashion school IFA Paris, who was joined on the banks of the Bosporus by Jean-Baptiste Andréani, Managing Director of its’ Paris campus.


“This rather magical parade confirms the development and anchoring of IFA Paris in Istanbul,” said Adile Cretallaz. And we are happy to give our students in Istanbul the opportunity to continue their training in Paris and Shanghai. Our school is a real treasure of humanity, bringing together the history of civilizations in Istanbul, a point of intercultural convergence, French classical culture and the dynamic and ever-changing world of fashion and luxury in Shanghai. “All roads once led to Rome. That of IFA Paris also leads to Istanbul!

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