“Hope Walk” - this is the name of the very particular fashion show that was by refugees with the assistance of IFA Paris students.

IFA stands for “International Fashion Academy” and the fashion school of Luxury and Design is true to its’ name. Indeed IFA Paris students assisted the Good Chance Theatre, a pop-up theatre coming from England – for this first fashion show of its’ kind. The idea behind it was simple: link the students of IFA Paris, who come from all parts of the world, to the refugees, mainly Africans, who are in a precarious situation in Paris."Hope Walk" Fashion Show in Paris

The result: a colourful fashion show, the “Hope Walk”, a collaboration running for a few weeks and of a perfect harmony between the IFA Paris’ students and the delighted refugees to create uniquely colourful and stylish garments. Another particularity: the garments created actually live their second life, they were made from used clothes, which were donated to the famous French charity organisation Emmaus (founded in Paris by Abbot Pierre in 1949).

Nouredine from Sudan, Pape from Senegal or Waga from Guinea were among these refugees who had an immense success and moved the audience with their displays. The impact of this event was so great that the English newspaper The Guardian reported the fashion show under the title “Hope Couture: Refugees collaborate on Paris Catwalk Show”.

For pictures of this event, please visit The Guardian