During the whole month of April, the Sino-French Fashion Meetings were organized by the French Consulate in Shanghai and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. Numerous events hosted in different cities in China were at the core of these meetings.

As a fashion school with campuses located in Shanghai and Paris, IFA Paris’ participation was particularly relevant.

After a series of conferences on fashion related themes in Shanghai, a whole weekend dedicated to this event took place in Hangzhou of China’s Zhejiang Province.Sidney, Denis and Florence of IFA Paris

On Saturday the 21st, a discussion panel was organized on the following topic: the insertion of young graduates on the job market. Adile Cretallaz (Academic Director and Career & Alumni Centre Director) was able to share all her expertise in this panel. In the meantime, Denis Barricault, Fashion Design lecturer at IFA Paris was part of a jury, whose aim was to judge different students’ projects who worked in teams made out of French and Chinese students coming from both fashion and business schools.

Miko and Florence doing a draping demonstrationOn Sunday the 22nd, a fair on the formation and employment in the fashion industry was held on the Sci-Tech University campus. IFA Paris sent two teachers and a first year student from the Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology to its’ booth to animate a few workshops, which would run throughout the day.

Florence Alleman, Draping and Pattern Making lecturer at IFA Paris organized a draping workshop with the help of her student Miko, in which members of the audience could participate.

For his part, Denis led three different workshops. The first one was dedicated to the sketch drawing and the necessary techniques for its’ conceptions. After a short demo, the students who came to attend the workshop could give it a try using Denis’ techniques.Denis doing a sketching workshop

It was followed by a workshop on the deconstruction/reconstruction of a white shirt with the help of Miko. Once again, volunteers could try the same exercise on their mannequin.

To finish, from sketches drawn by one of IFA Paris’ students, the audience could attend a workshop on collage during which they could cut parts of a magazine and stick it to the silhouette to create a unique design.

All these activities turned out to be an immense success and all the visitors who attended the workshops seemed to be delighted with their time spent with IFA Paris’ lecturers who didn’t stop encouraging them to let their creativity run wild and to have fun doing so.

This weekend was a great opportunity for IFA Paris to meet new people and showcase a glimpse of the education provided at IFA Paris to Chinese students.