On June 14th 2018, a selection of the best students of IFA Paris' Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology program on the Shanghai campus had the opportunity to present their final collections to the many Chinese journalists, personalities and fashion professionals. The Graduation Fashion Show took place at Florentia Village, the largest outlet village in China, providing a platform for admiration of the students' creativity. This event was once again the perfect illustration of the great diversity of the inspirations and concerns of the Generation Z.2018 Graduation Fashion Show in Shanghai

Thus, Nadya Vania Sukandar was inspired by a Chinese folk tale that depicts the relationship between the goddess of the moon and a rabbit to create a mesh line with the "cuddly" look and volumes structured by gathering of pompoms. It is in reference to the moon also that Nan Ni (Cathéria) revisits ballroom dresses by dressing them with pristine feathers, sometimes associated with aerial muslin.

It’s a darker universe for Erica Felita, who imagines amazing military uniforms with huge pagoda sleeves embroidered with signage elements, designed to resist the oppression that humanity will experience in a future world. Chen Huanyu (Cherry) draws her new workwear from the DIY generation by covering multi-dimensional pockets with a leather tunic, a raincoat or even a pair of boots.

2018 Graduation Fashion Show in ShanghaiRiley dresses amazons just out of a virgin forest of loose dresses fluttered with earthy colors and plants, belted as guerrillas of the environmental cause. It is nature, and more particularly bamboo, that gives Wu QinYang (Christina) the idea of punctuating her feminine silhouettes with fringes or ties that curl like creepers.

Meanwhile, Zhou Weiwei (Wendy) and Wang Yuting (Crystal), share a fascination with the human face and question contemporary beauty standards by applying impressions of faces, suspended like a projection, or by embroidering them, on soft masculine / feminine sets.2018 Graduation Fashion Show in Shanghai

Lin Han (Foricy) finds his ideas in his immediate environment as it is the linen that dries on the facades of traditional neighborhoods in Shanghai that inspires his spectacular 3D silhouettes that combine patchwork and draped in suspension. Asia still, but more distant with Wu Qiqi (Cecilia) who modernizes, alleviates and lowers the traditional Tibetan costume which is then transformed into asymmetrical kimono court associated with ample and fluid open pants.

Zhu Qinxin (Jenny) seeks to find the playful spontaneity of circus performances in her asymmetrical dresses made from large ribbons of colorful fabrics, while Qian Chengru (Zita) invents a sportswear for trendy party girls, over-decorated patches and embroidery of mouths that evoke the joy and energy of the party.

Like a punctuation, two masculine models, between darkness and transparency, show the potential of evolution of men's clothing.

Between darkness and the joie de vivre, between nature and urban life, somewhere else and the future, this spectacle of IFA Paris, through the work of its’ most talented students, has given a glimpse of the many paths’ trends which will take over the fashion of tomorrow.

To view the full video from the fashion show, please visit https://bit.ly/2pRRF4H

For more information on this program, which culminates with the Graduation Fashion Show, please see: Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology