Fashion is not something one can describe, but something to be experienced - also captured sometimes. An artistic vision, stuck in time by renowned photographers. The opportunity for an exceptional retrospective organized by the YellowKorner Gallery, an art photography publisher, which will introduce the general public to the most beautiful pictures of VOGUE magazine, from the Roaring Twenties to the Seventies. An event where IFA Paris Bachelor in Fashion Design & Technology students will take part in the facilitation of a retro styling workshop, entirely dedicated to the 1940s.

The "FASHION LEGENDS" exhibition, which runs until October 3rd, 2018, gives a pictorial account of the evolution of fashion and its historical landmarks.  At a time when vintage is making its comeback, an invitation to a stylistic journey in photos is being served to the visitor.

From the 1930s, when the avant-garde of the "boyish" style was developed by Chanel, in the early 1940s, stigmatized by the war and its’ restrictions, as well as the end of the liberating decade, greatly influenced by GI fashion or the appearance of the Dior's New Look.

A flash back also to the sixties, marked by the emancipation of women, where the Courrèges mini skirt unveils all the legs, and where the innovative style of Cardin or Saint Laurent bursts forth, thus jostling the most conventional minds.

IFA Paris was associated with this event, and will be in charge of running a fashion design workshop on Thursday 27th of September, from 4 to 7pm, taking the participants back to the mid-1940s. To close the evening, there will be a conference on fashion photographers, whose field has, over the years, proven to be a full-blown art form in this industry.