The January event ASPIRE TO INSPIRE at the M1NT CLUB in Shanghai was the place to be, should you wish to get connected with Shanghai fashion world! Students of fashion schools like IFA Paris, designers and industry actors were all reunited to discover the fashion industry through the eyes of designers and entrepreneurs.Ekatarina Lambert (middle) with IFA Paris students

The present panelists were no other than the designers Maximilien Perez (creative director at X Suit and former IFA Paris student), Ben Almagor (designer at Street Union), Celine Bolton Aspire to Inspire Fashion Network at M1NT Shanghai(fashion designer at Be Celine b.), Jessica Liu and Rozemerie Cuevas (designer at Jac by Jacqueline Conoir) and the company owners Ekaterina Lambert (founder of FashIcon App and IFA Paris graduate), Luke Nolan (founder of, Lucas Di Cesare (founder of Di Cesare Design) among others.  It was a great opportunity for the students and fashion enthusiasts to discover a new aspect of this industry and to meet atypical people while walking through the sumptuous decor of the M1NT CLUB.

This event was divided in two parts.  The party began with the presentations of famous designers who have succeeded in the fashion industry in China. Then there was a Q&A IFA Paris students in Shanghaisession: “What makes you unique?”; “What does being successful mean to you?”; “What is fashion for you?”...  It was interesting and surprising to hear their answers to those not-so-easy questions. Then it was the turn for the entrepreneurs to be interviewed. They all agreed on one thing: China is one of the best places if you want to start a successful carrier in the fashion industry because it is a land full of opportunities!

After the panels, it was time for the networking session and people were all ready to take chances. Between two drinks, many business cards and WeChat were exchanged this on this wonderful night.

We hope there will be other events like this one and we can’t wait for them!