In Paris, the 26th of January was SS17 «Haute Couture» fashion week’s last day, the day of the newcomers in the official Haute Couture schedule. But it was also the day of the next generation of fashion designers, it was the day of IFA Paris’ Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design Graduate show.Design by Paola Gutierrez

Indeed, the six best students of this program had the opportunity to showcase their very first collection – of 11/12 looks - to an audience made up of fashion professionals and editors, in la Maison des Metallos, a venue that hosted the shows of Iris Van Herpen or Yuima Nakazato two days before. 

This year’s Master of Arts in Contemporary Fashion Design Graduate shows was quite eclectic, sometimes surprising, with 6 very different collections which reflected the contemporary trends and some directions where fashion seems to be heading for the next years :

Surfing on the important trend of athleisure, Ruonan Sun has imagined a collection inspired by boxing, mixing fluid satin and thick metallic leather, dressing gowns for day with micro bustiers for evening parties.

Sportswear again with Une Vereckyte, who looked towards fashion’s future by redesigning active sport garments into easy to wear silhouettes made of technical and innovative fabrics.Design by Gala Limon

Gala Limon, already a renowned designer in Mexico, got her inspiration from her home country’s history and especially the role of women during the Mexican revolution. The result is delicate draperies, a very personal range of colors and dresses that seemed just wound around the models’ body, completed with very colorful pieces, hand embroidered by native American communities.

Paola Gutierrez’ collection is a story of neo-romantism pushed around by humor and irony. Her long and fluid silhouettes inspired by the 70’s, made of silk crepe and mohair, became a Design by Kitseng Leibit surrealistic when embroidered with colorful threads, sequins stars and wool pompoms.

In contrast, the perfectly stylized and accessorized collection of Kitseng Lei was full of an optimistic Californian energy but still with irony and distance. He tried to plunge back into his childhood with his men and women silhouettes inspired by the 90’s streetwear and «pollypocket» (toys for little girls), famous during the same decade. His oversized nylon windbreakers, transparent plastic t-shirts and fun prints are perfect to enjoy tomorrow’s urban fashion.

Victoria Nguyen preferred to evoke some kind of fairy tales princesses, driven out from enchanted forests, with her ethereal deconstructed dresses made of delicate raw linen or boiled pashmina, sometimes covered by stunning draped, hand painted coats.

Six different styles, six different points of view on fashion, six different ways to be creative but which all express a very personal and strong universe. We hope these designers will succeed in seducing a lot of fans into their personal world in the future to become the next most influential fashion designers.

To see the the complete fashion collections by all 6 graduates, please head to the following photo gallery: Master of Arts Contemporary Fashion Design Graduation Fashion Show 2017