A range of colours and materials, notebooks, silhouettes, technical sketches and many pairs of scissors! No less than 17 persons interested in IFA Paris took part in the Trends & Colours study workshop led by professor and stylist Sophie Dulaurent, trends expert and colourist, specialist of the topic, who previously worked for the brands Peclers and Lidewij Edelkoort.IFA Paris Discovery Weekend

Theoretical foundations and practice: this intensive seminar allowed the participants to highlight the primordial characteristics of colour and colours in fashion. Presentation of the chromatic circle, perceptions and perspectives, search for visuals in fashion magazines, development of ranges: Sophie Dulaurent explained in detail how colours, thanks to their powerful symbolism, determine their atmospheres and their references. In small working groups, students were asked to identify a theme and a trend by displaying images on a board and by retaining keywords. Objective: to finalize a mood board by bringing out a harmony of colours. Using their ambient board, students learned how to organize and release, by using paint, a range of colours, including pantone codes, as harmonious as possible. The module was followed by individual exchanges and personalized pieces of advice, enabling each and everyone to develop their own sensitivity in terms of trends and colours.

Sunday was not less animated on the IFA Paris Parisian campus! Jung Grandcolas taught these potential students the basic techniques of draping, before moving on to reflection, research and creation, with his group, on volumes. Theoretical premises and practice dedicated to the senses were at the heart of this weekend full of discoveries!

To know more about the program that deals with the topics mentioned above in detail: Bachelor Fashion Design & Technology