Ambroise d'Hauteville, the Regional Sales Director of Steelcase in China gave our MBA Luxury Brand Management students a tour of their workspace which also acts as a showroom and introduced Steelcase to the students.

Steelcase “offers workplace solutions changing work environment, adapting todays’ requirements of nomad professionals, moving from one spot to another, focusing more on project work with interconnected departments” said Ambroise. Steelcase in Shanghai

The idea behind Steelcase designs is to break the common layouts found in most of the companies’ workspaces worldwide. For example having a lower meeting table can give a meeting a more convivial, less formal feeling. 

Steelcase also likes to provide different working stations in order not to be confined on one desk. Being able to work standing up or at a bar height breaks the routine and creates a more comfortable environment according to Ambroise.

After talking about the different designs and all the thinking behind it, Ambroise presented the brand strategy to our IFA Paris students and explained how it can be different in an emerging market compared to a mature market such as the US or Europe.

Students were then led to the Steelcase office were they could realize how Steelcase’s ideas and designs could be adapted in a functional office. 

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