For the occasion of the Téléthon Shanghai 2016 - an event to support research on rare genetic diseases such as myopathy and cystic fibrosis – the luxury fashion and management school IFA Paris has embarked on a beautiful and symbolic collaboration with the French artist (native of Aveyron) Chris Calvet, whose work is articulated around oil painting, pigments and photography, and has focused on Chinese and Japanese calligraphy for the last two years.Chris Calvet Designs for the Telethon

Chris Calvet creates calligraphy intertwined with the presence of a model photographed in front of a giant calligraphy. The body is mixed with ink and the whole “gives life and a poetic and technical universe” which concurs “to refocus on the body and the inner life.”

Eight unique garments (intended to be auctioned during the evening of the Téléthon) “especially tops and dresses” says Denis Barricault, professor of fashion design at IFA Paris, who worked on this project with the other stylist-pattern maker of IFA Paris Emmanuel Rochet, were first created within the school of fashion. It resulted in as many patterns on which the printed calligraphy of the artist was placed, before the creation. The result is stunning. “We are very proud of this collaboration. Especially since these pieces are works of art”, explains Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff, chairman of the fashion school. “The fact is: each piece is absolutely unique!”.