On June 27th, 16 students of the 2016 graduate class of the IFA Paris Fashion Design Bachelor program, selected by a professional jury chaired by fashion designer Gustavo Lins, presented their creative and colorful year-end final collections.

It took place at the famous Maison des Métallos in Paris, a space often chosen by designers during Paris Fashion Week, in front of an audience of fashion professionals and journalists, like Patrick Cabasset, deputy editor of L’Officiel de la Mode. The students of IFA Paris had the opportunity to show the result of their seven months of research and work on the theme “High Life, Fast Life”. A single theme, but offering freedom and diverse interpretations. For all, the common criterias are creativity and modernity. Each student was able to develop his/her own personal world and to use extremely various techniques to achieve a first real collection. Fashion design by Sarah Erazo


Sarah Erazo was inspired by her native Ecuador and traditional weaving techniques to superimpose alpaca, wool and linen on very contemporary mega silhouettes. Nepali student Chandani Pradhanang chose to use colored tulle millefeuilles to create visual effects close to the op art. Plinn Pratoomas presented a full menswear collection on the theme of addiction, particularly to social media. Result: Japanese and maximalist silhouettes in digital printed quilts, flocked slogans and silver glitters. Glitters, still, but fringed and with a disco-fashion spirit for the American Lindsay Custodio.

“Again, IFA Paris affirms its singularity in the landscape of international fashion schools”

Model being fitted by student designer backstageZoe Lou chose to take us into the world of childhood with some xxl size stiches and padded oversized dress. Oluwafeyijimi Sodipo brings together Nigerian traditional fabrics and American pop culture for making a sportswear inspired by the movie “Pulp Fiction”. Augusta Théodoulou from Cyprus, for her part, inspired by the ancient myths, realized incredible textured silk clothing in macrame fabric. Mei Po Ng offers us a world that is both delicate and violent, sewing and streetwear, where coat zipped torn organza silk comes to veil fringed tweed and embroidered metallic silver chains.

Again, IFA Paris affirms its singularity in the landscape of international fashion schools. This fashion show bringing in a common move and at the same time energy and emotions, reflects the different paths possible for tomorrow’s fashion contemplated by these young designers totally globalized.

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