Related to the module Trends Forecast-Fabric & Technology, IFA Paris’ students in MBA Fashion Business had a very interesting visit of the factory of Italian maker Santoni (Lonati Group since 1988), in Jinshan, in the Southwest suburb of Shanghai. 

Santoni isn’t a famous name to the general public, but its industrial machinery for the textile industry is by far the most famous among professionals. In fact, the company is the world leading manufacturer of tubular knitting machine (seamless) with 97% market share.   Santoni Factory in Shanghai

Santoni’s « Made in China » production counts today as an important part of its international strategy. To expand its horizons, Santoni Shanghai is actively developing the large diameter and seamless segment and is also delivering new inspirational products to international renowned fabric and garment producers. 

During the factory visit, students were able to get more than a glimpse and really explore the effects and possibilities offered by the technology and its impact on future developments and innovation. They could also respectively overview and understand how the cutting-edge machinery and innovative materials help pushing directions in fashion, active wear and wearable technology. 

If you would like to see the corresponding IFA Paris course, it is: MBA Fashion Business.