300 selected guests including an elegant audience of Chinese and foreign VIPs, designers from all backgrounds, well-dressed business leaders and people from the media, fashion and movie industry attended. The IFA Paris Fashion Show 2015-2016 took place at IFA Paris' partner SUES (Shanghai University of Engineering Science), it was the same day of the launch of the Shanghai Fashion Week, and it surprised and excited.

The warm welcome given by Patrick Kouzmine-Karavaieff and Olivia Chai, co-founders of the fashion design and luxury business school IFA Paris, gave the kick-off of the eventful show, produced like a concert, with a scenography on a huge catwalk drawn in X-formation.Runway model IFA Paris Fashion Show 2015-2016

Fifteen young designers coming from Asia, Europe and United States, presented strong, fun, colorful and sharp creations. IFA Paris - the encounter of styles, cultures and continents.

While black silhouettes drawn by Korean designer Heidi Kim set the tone of an ultra feminine style, those of Carmen Lee, Lena Fotini Malevitis or Vietnamese Thao Nguyen Pham, all brought their share of dream and poetry.

The guests soon didn’t have enough eyes to follow the comings and goings, with the rhythms of a DJ nestled in the air, of models sliding of the two crossed paths, covered with geometric prints, embroidered sequins and wool, bright details or futuristic cuts.

« I really enjoyed these creations and two collections in particular », says Zoe Zhou, figure in the local fashion industry. « Such a show is a real challenge ! This is the result of a year of work, both for the student-designers and organizers. Ultimately, it’s a magical moment ! » says Denis Barricault, Fashion Design teacher at IFA Paris in charge of the coordination between Brazilian, pop or techno musical notes, and the cool or breathless walks of mannequins, flower-women in colours and vinyl, vacationers veiled of linen, retributive on heels.

IFA Paris Fashion School Show in Shanghai

« It was very professional, very sophisticated. I enjoyed the cuts, colors. I see a great future for all. It was a real show », explains the film producer Emmanuel Benbihy. A shared and obviously contagious joy. « Fantastic ! It was fantastic ! adds Grace Han, coach for models and well-known figure of local fashion scene.

« I was blown away. Today, I have seen great creations, ready-to-wear of highest quality. IFA Paris has really done a good job. Outstanding ! » « That’s a great day ! This fashion show is truly remarkable ! If IFA Paris collections have much effect in Shanghai, I hope that it will be the same in Paris ! » smiles Xie Lijun, a TV caster. A word is a word. See you in Paris !

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