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Santoni Group Factory in Shanghai

IFA Paris MBA Students Visit the Santoni Group in Shanghai Dec 2015

Related to the module Trends Forecast-Fabric & Technology, IFA Paris’ students in MBA Fashion Business had a very interesting visit of the factory of Italian maker

IFA Paris Fashion Show in Shanghai 2015

Event Report: IFA Paris Fashion Show 2015-2016 in Shanghai Nov 2015

300 selected guests including an elegant audience of Chinese and foreign VIPs, designers from all backgrounds, well-dressed business leaders and people from the media, fashion and movie industry a

Anne-Marie Saget at IFA Paris

Perfumer Anne-Marie Saget at IFA Paris: Explorer of Senses Sep 2015

« Perfume is also a matter of perspective and sensitivity » explains Anne-Marie Saget, professor and former perfume creator, author of writings on the subject.

IFA Paris Fashion Graduation Show 2015

IFA Paris Graduation Fashion Show 2015: Awards on the Catwalk! Jul 2015

IFA Paris fashion and design school students showed of their fashion creations and designs to their family and friends at the annual Graduation Fashion Show in Shanghai.

Students at Steelcase in Shanghai

Steelcase Industry Field Trip: A Strong Case Jun 2015

Postgraduate students in Luxury Brand Management and Fashion Business of IFA Paris just visited Steelcase, with a specific topic idea called “the power of place (办公场所的能量)”.

Students at the Dior Exhibition in Shanghai

IFA Paris Enters the Stage of the « Little Dior Theatre » Jun 2015

Several IFA Paris students of the MBA Fashion Business and Luxury Brand Management have been invited few days ago to visit a Dior Exhibition at IFC Mall (Pudong, Shanghai).

Hermes Maison in Shanghai

Hermès Maison Shanghai: Secrets of Uniqueness Jun 2015

IFA’s students of MBA Luxury Brand Management visited Shanghai Hermès Maison few days ago. A top experience.

MBA Luxury Brand Management Students at M50

Art on the Move at M50 - Student Visit May 2015

Art is always on the move and we can certify the fact !

IFA Paris and Etienne Bourgois

IFA Paris meets Etienne Bourgois, CEO of Agnes B Apr 2015

As a part of the MBA courses, several IFA students got the opportunity to meet Etienne Bourgois, CEO of the famous French brand agnes b., at the flagship store agnes b.