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Successful IFA Paris Sustainable Fashion Marathon
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Successful IFA Paris Sustainable Fashion Marathon

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Sustainable Fashion Marathon

The weekend of June 8th and 9th, at the prestigious Mona Bismarck private mansion, was marked by a memorable event: the Sustainable Fashion Marathon, labeled as a Cultural Olympiad. The international fashion school IFA Paris is proud to share the highlights of this unique celebration that brought together fashion, sport, and sustainability.

The Sustainable Fashion Marathon began on Saturday morning with a palpable atmosphere of enthusiasm. The participants, consisting of passionate students and future designers, embarked on a 42-hour challenge (a nod to the 42km of a marathon) to create innovative and environmentally friendly looks. The event highlighted essential values such as circularity and inclusion, raising awareness among participants and spectators about the importance of adopting sustainable practices in the fashion world.

At your marks, Upcycle these sports items into fashionable garments, go!

At your marks, Upcycle these sports items into fashionable garments, go!

A Rich and Inspiring Program

The weekend program offered a variety of enriching activities. On Saturday, participants had the opportunity to attend conferences and interactive workshops. The first roundtable opened the day with the theme “Fashion & Sport: The Streetwear Trend,” exploring the convergence between these two worlds and how they influence current trends.

Simultaneously, the sneaker renovation workshop allowed participants to discover techniques to give a second life to their shoes, thus contributing to waste reduction. The afternoon featured Talk #2 on “Technology and Ecology, the Future,” highlighting innovations that are shaping the future of the fashion industry in a sustainable manner. Participants also experienced virtual reality during the Oculus VR workshop, offering an immersive perspective on sustainability.

On Sunday, the marathon continued with the creation and finalization of sustainable looks. The third roundtable showcased various careers in the fashion industry, helping participants better understand professional opportunities in this field. Throughout the weekend, visitors could admire the exhibition of the six outfits from the Ethical Fashion Triathlon, the showroom of our Alumni, as well as student works on display. Additionally, thanks to our partner Fashion Jobs, recruitment opportunities were available through a wall of job and internship offers in the fashion sector.

IFA Paris Sustainable Fashion Marathon - showcasing of alumni designs

IFA Paris Sustainable Fashion Marathon – showcasing of alumni designs

The Highlight: The Fashion Show and Closing Cocktail

The highlight of the weekend was the fashion show held on Sunday at 5 pm. The students’ creations, the result of 42 hours of hard work, were presented before an impressed audience. Each look showcased the ingenuity and creativity of the participants, while emphasizing environmentally friendly practices.

The day ended on a convivial note with a closing cocktail, offering participants, guests, and industry professionals the opportunity to network and share their impressions of this inspiring event.

A Collective Success

The Sustainable Fashion Marathon was a resounding success, thanks to the commitment and passion of all participants. IFA Paris warmly thanks everyone who contributed to the success of this event, from the students to the speakers, organizers, and visitors.

This event not only highlighted the importance of sustainability in fashion but also encouraged innovation and creativity, paving the way for a more environmentally respectful future.

We look forward to seeing you at the next editions and initiatives of IFA Paris, always with the ambition to promote conscious and responsible fashion.