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IFA Paris: New Website for an Innovative Vision of Education

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IFA Paris: New Website for an Innovative Vision of Education

By April, 2022No Comments
New IFA Paris Website

As our readers know, here at IFA Paris, we pride ourselves on our innovative vision of education. We constantly question the way technology will impact the way we work and educate. So, for years, we’ve been investing in finding solutions to make learning easier for our students. Today, it’s our website that is getting a makeover. From this April, every aspect on our website has been redesigned to easily present information and tools of our school to our audience.

Merger of our websites for better access to information

During the first confinement due to Covid-19, we realized how important it was to develop simple and effective digital teaching techniques. To do so, we accelerated the development of our online offering by creating a second website dedicated to our online learning. However, we realized that having two sites was not an advantage. We therefore decided to merge our two sites into one, more modern, easier to navigate and more complete. This new site brings together all the offers available on our different campuses: Paris, Istanbul, Shanghai and Online.

New features on the IFA Paris website

Indeed, we consider Online as a campus in its own right. At a time when digital technology is an integral part of our lives, it is essential to include it in our education. On this new site, you will be able to access all the information about our programs, our alumni or our blog posts. You will also have access to online registration for our programs. The big news is that you will have access to e-learning courses directly on our platform, where you will find all the necessary tools for your education at IFA Paris. Everything will be accessible on our website, in a few clicks!

We have done everything possible to facilitate access to our services. Thanks to our technological innovations, we hope to revolutionize our teaching practices. We will continue to find solutions to improve your educational experience through technology.

So, feel free to immerse yourself in this new digital environment that will serve as a guide and tool for your studies (or future studies) at IFA Paris.