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IFA Paris and the Startups from its’ Foundry Incubator at Avantex
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IFA Paris and the Startups from its’ Foundry Incubator at Avantex

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IFA Paris - Avantex

From July 1st to 3rd, Paris hosted the Avantex trade show, a must-attend event for innovation in the textile and fashion industry. This year, IFA Paris had the honor of partnering with Avantex for a significant collaboration. Here are the highlights of this exceptional event.

An IFA Paris Village at the Heart of Avantex

One of the standout features of the Avantex trade show was the creation of an IFA Paris village within Hall 7 of Paris Porte de Versailles. This space, spanning over 42sqm, showcased our school, our partners, and the innovative startups from our Foundry incubator. The village included:

– An IFA Paris stand, where visitors could learn about our educational offerings and initiatives.

– A Mode Estah stand, a partner of IFA Paris.

– Five stands for startups incubated in Foundry, presenting innovative and promising projects.

The Inspiring Talk by Jean-Baptiste Andreani

IFA Paris' village at Avantex trade show

IFA Paris’ village at Avantex trade show

On Tuesday, July 2nd, Jean-Baptiste Andreani, CEO of IFA Paris, captivated the audience with a presentation in English on the theme: “Textile and Fashion Sourcing: New Parameters and Future Strategies.” This talk provided new perspectives and innovative strategies crucial for the future of sourcing in the fashion and textile industry.

Dynamic Participation from IFA Paris Students

IFA Paris students played an active role throughout the trade show, enriching each roundtable with “The Question from IFA Paris Students.” This initiative allowed our students to get directly involved in discussions and pose pertinent questions to industry experts. Their contribution was praised by speakers and participants alike, further enhancing the visibility and reputation of our school.

The Avantex Fashion Pitch Contest

The Avantex Fashion Pitch contest was a highlight of the show, where 12 companies presented their projects to a panel of experts. Among them, three Foundry startups, STYLE SHIFTER, DRIPPY and FINDS, represented IFA Paris brilliantly. At the end of the day on July 1st, Delphine Durieux from IFA Paris awarded the winner a prestigious prize: a desk at Foundry for one year, providing full access to the incubator’s facilities starting in July. This summer, we’re thrilled to welcome MATERRA, a pioneering startup specializing in the production of climate-resilient organic cotton and transparent supply chains.

An Enriching Experience

The partnership between IFA Paris and Avantex was a tremendous opportunity for our school and our students. It strengthened our position as a leader in innovation within the fashion and textile industry, while providing a platform for visibility and growth for our incubated startups.

We are proud of this collaboration and thank everyone who contributed to its success. We look forward to participating in future editions and continuing to innovate and inspire in the fashion industry.