MBA Global Fashion Media

  • COURSE DURATION: 15 months (12 weeks dedicated to the Capstone Project in the location of your choice)
  • LOCATION: 36 weeks in Paris + 12 weeks in Shanghai + 12 weeks of Capstone Project
  • TOTAL WORKLOAD: 2320 hours
  • INTAKE: October 22, 2014
  • NUMBER OF STUDENTS: Limited to 25 students per class
  • TUITION FEE: €14,800
  • CREDENTIALS: Upon satisfactory completion of the entire program, students receive an MBA Global Fashion Media issued by IFA Paris. The MBA Global Fashion Media is in the process of being accredited by IDEL Agency as an “International Masters”

Fashion in the 21st century has rapidly evolved from its historical roots through apparel manufacturing and retailing to a dynamic cultural and social phenomenon observed globally. The mature domains of consumer magazine publications; journalism and photography, brand advertising communications and public relations have now been augmented through digitization by fashion e-commerce, blogs and podcasts and more recently by mobile fashion apps and digital fashion films.

For those who are interested in a future career in this highly innovative area that requires fresh approaches and cross-disciplinary skills, this unique course is aimed at developing the potential of applicants from a variety of backgrounds such as fashion design, graphics, product management, journalism and media studies. Students will develop a firm foundation of research and expressive flair in either journalism or visual styling and be looking for advanced communication proficiency, new media software skills and expertise in strategies for fashion media management. 


Students will be taught via a series of interlocking modules, lectures, external visits, master classes, promotional events and sessions for analysis and verbal discourse. There is a common Working Methodology module to hone their analytical, creative and academic writing, and observational and technical research skills. Modules this course provides include Consumer Psychology, Culture and Celebrity, Trends and Future, Global Brand Communications, Social Media, Photographic Styling, The Fashion Press & Print Process, E-Commerce for Fashion, Public Relations & Events Management, Journalism Skills, Digital Design, Critiques, and many more. Over the 60 intensive weeks between Paris and Shanghai students will progress a creative e-portfolio through assignments, and with the opportunity to collaborate in a number of ‘live’ projects and culminating in the final major work of the Capstone project. This final assessed work may be undertaken as an individual report for a specific editorial or as a group investigation of a media concern, or the production of a prototype magazine, website or similar fashion media outcome, with analysis and evidence.


Successful students exit the course with skills that signal a broad comprehension of Global Fashion Media and a keen preparation and confidence for the type of work for which they are professionally suited.


Students across the world have been part of the unique learning experience made possible through IFA Paris. To date, our course have enrolled students from: France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Colombia, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, PR China, only to name a few.


By bringing together a diverse, international group of students, IFA Paris gives students the opportunity to gain a global perspective on fashion.