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Paris, the cosmopolitan capital of France, is one of the largest agglomerations in Europe, and has the reputation of being the most beautiful and romantic city in the world. Also known as La Ville Lumière(City of Light) and the capital of fashion, today, Paris is one of the world’s leading business and cultural centers, and has a huge influence in many fields such as politics, education, arts, entertainment, media, fashion, food and design.


Since the middle of the 19th century, Paris has been a popular destination for all travelers. Its cultural heritages are among its highest esteemed attractions, like the famous museum the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris and the Eiffel Tower. The most beautiful city in the world still has a thousand faces both intimate and spectacular to the eyes of millions of tourists. Everyone remembers their first experience in Paris, climbing Montmartre Hill, having picnic in the Luxembourg garden, or eating an unforgettable croissant au beurre with a café crème on the terrace of a café. The Art De Vivre in Paris is relatively simple and pleasant, even if you don’t speak French; most of the people there will understand you in English as there are a large number of foreigners living there.


There are also plenty of restaurants, bistros and pastry shops at every corner in Paris which has a reputation of being the center of culinary art.  Paris is also a melting pot of different cultures (Asian with the 13th and 20th District, Indian with the 10th District, Middle Eastern and African in the Northern part of Paris).


Transportation in Paris is highly developed, metros and buses cover all districts in Paris and its suburbs. People mostly use public transportation as taxis are quite expansive to take. Paris by night is amazing to experience, as several bars, nightclubs and cabarets will animate your night time.



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Like most capitals, Paris is an expensive city and also a big city. You may wish to stay at a hotel (before moving to an apartment) in the area along Metro line5. Housing in Paris is available at a wide variety of different prices. Living alone can be expensive but finding a roommate(s) with whom to share a flat may be  convenient for those staying less than a year in Paris.


The French association called EGIDE, helps international students to find housing in Paris. Since it is a big professional association with a lot of experience and are considered non-profit, their student residence is much cheaper than other agencies and they offer the certificate to help international students get their French visa. Furthermore, they offer the service in several languages.

More information can be found at www.egide.asso.fr


The sites listed below are the most popular ones for seeking apartments. These sites do tend to cater to foreigners.



There is also the choice of living in what is called an apart hotel: clean, safe and often available at any time during the year (contrary to an apartment that is more difficult to rent).

Appart'City Paris - Appart'Hôtel Par

157 avenue Jean Jaurès
75019 Paris
Tél : + 33 (0) 1 40 03 67 52
Fax : + 33 (0) 1 40 03 67 62
Email : paris@appartcity.com

The metro station:  Ourcq (line 5), is located just in front of the entrance of the apartment.



Living in the center of Paris is more expensive than living in Paris suburbs. The average cost for a studio nearby the school is about 850 Euros (25sqm), but once again it depends on the quality of the building. We recommend our students to share a flat, which is the cheapest solution.

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