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Paris, capital of France, is one of the largest cities in Europe and undoubtedly remains the fashion capital of the world.

Beyond its postcard image, it is also a leading business center and has a huge influence in many fields such as politics, education, food, and the luxury and design industries.

Ever since the 19thcentury, Paris has attracted visitors from all over the world. Paris’ cultural heritage is great and includes the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame cathedral, and last but not least the Eiffel Tower…

Today, Paris is among one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world. Paris’ different facets are a delight for visitors and the charm of its diverse neighborhoods only adds to the spectacular dimensions of its landmarks and avenues.

Paris is home to a large international population. Communication in Paris will be simple and easy, even if you do not speak French.

In terms of transportation, the metro remains the easiest way to get around Paris as it is relatively inexpensive and safe. Buses are also a pleasant way to discover Paris if you have more time. Taxis on the other hand are quite expensive.



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Similarly to most capital cities, housing in Paris is relatively expensive, although you can find accommodation at a wide range of prices. For instance, accommodation will be more affordable if you live outside the city center or if you choose to share a flat.


The French agency Campus France has a lot of experience helping international students with their search for accommodation. They provide advice on student housing and student visa applications. For more information, please visit:  http://www.campusfrance.org/fr/


Les Estudines, specialized in student residencies, can also be a good starting point: www.estudines.com


If you wish to book a hotel room for your first few days in Paris, you can contact:  

Appart’city Paris- Appart’Hôtel Paris website : www.appartcity.com


157, avenue Jean Jaurès 75019 PARIS / email : paris-villette@appartcity.com  

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